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About us

Our kennel is located in St-Sauveur, in the beautiful Laurentian region, in Québec, Canada. We are at 45 minutes driving distance north of Montréal, and 1 hour driving distance East of Hawkesbury, Ontario. We breed Miniature Smooth Dachshunds ( teckels ) . Due to the presence of the recessive gene for Long Hair in some of our bloodlines, we also have occasionally some of these available. Our dogs are Purebred, Canadian Kennel Club (C.K.C.) registered and so is our kennel name, FOOTLOOSE. We are members of the C.K.C. and also of the Eastern Canada Dachshund Club (E.C.D.C.).

 We are a small home-base, family type of kennel; therefore, we just produce a limited number of litters, (1 to 4 per year). Our brood bitches are never bred before their 2nd heat (sometimes even 3rd or 4th), and they produce only in average, every second year. We enjoy participating in Dog Shows (conformation) with our dogs/puppies and we have obtained the Canadian Championship certificates on most of our breeding stock. We strive to produce good healthy companion puppies (pets) and occasionally, we have some breeding/show quality puppies also available. Our dogs produce the following colours: Black and Tan, Chocolate and Tan, Red, and Sable. Our males are also available at stud to approved bitches/kennels.

Even though our love for “Hounds” has always been there, having owned since childhood different breeds of that group, our breeding has evolved with time. We first started in 1983, breeding Beagles for hunting and conformation shows for many years. After a little break of a few years, due to my going back to school and beginning of my new career, we then passed to Miniature Dachshunds in early 2004. This whole venture actually started with the adoption, for my daughter, of a little Smooth female in 2001, known as “Winnie”.  With owning this little gal came back the fancy for showing and breeding dogs again, and it is in March 2004 that we eventually produced our first litter of Miniature Smooth Dachshunds.

At our beginnings, Beverly Candline and her (late) husband David, long time Dachshund breeders, were kind enough to give us lots of advices and encouragements. Their “mentoring” was and still is precious to us, and for that, we are very thankful. It helped us establish some good bases for our breeding stock, to which we have added a few more females and a male from other kennels over the years.



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